When Finnish Spitz puppies are born,
their coat is primarily black!
The black gradually fades,
althoug traces may remain on their tails
until they are two years old.

Fun-facts2 (2)

Long time ago Squirrel fur was used as currency in Finland.
So a Finnish Spitz who would be very good at pointing
squirrel was at this time a valuable hunting companion
and was of course preferred into breeding program.
Finnish Spitz have been used and trained for generations
mainly for squirrel hunting.
No wonder why, even today, our Finnish Spitz goes mad
when they find one.

Fun-facts3 (2)

In Finland the hunting ability of the dog is
so valued that no Finnish Spitz may earn
a conformation championship
without proving first
his hunting ability.

Fun-facts4 (2)

In Finland official barking competitions
are held to find
the ''King of the Barkers''.
The dog holding a bird in a tree
by barking for the longest is
the grand winner!