As the buyer of a puppy you have committed to own and care for this puppy for the duration of its lifetime. Placing our dogs is not something we take lightly. We feel strongly about responsible dog ownership, and breeding. We do everything possible to ensure that the puppy will work in your home. If there is a reason why the puppy is not working out in your home please contact us. We can offer advice to help deal with the situation.

Nervertheless, if at any time during his lifetime, the Buyer can no longer keep the dog, the Buyer shall notify the Breeder and give her first option of resuming full ownership of the dog in order for the Breeder to place the dog in a new home. If the Breeder takes the dog back, the Buyer will complete the appropriate CKC paperwork to return ownership of the dog to the Breeder and the dog will be returned with all its medical records.
If the Buyer wishes to transfer the dog to another owner, the Buyer must receive the Breeder’s permission in writing and the new owner will have to sign a new agreement with the Breeder before the transaction can be completed.
The Buyer should never consider taking the dog to an Animal Shelter or euthanizing it without consulting with the Breeder first.
The Breeder reserves the right to approve/prohibit any transfer of this animal to a third party.

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