The Finnish Spitz is considered to be a rare breed outside of its country of origin. There is only a handful of breeders in North America and few litters are born each year.
Inugami’s Waiting List ensures that you will received more information regarding our next litter when the time comes.  Once the mating has occurred, you’ll be contacted and be kept informed about the litter-to-come. After the puppies are born, we’ll reach out to you in order to confirm your interest in one of the newborn.
The Waiting List doesn’t assure completely that you will be able to adopt one of our puppies. When the puppies are born, we ask people registered on the list to confirm their interest by giving a deposit for their futur dog. (First -come, first-served).
In order to register to our waiting list, you will be asked few questions. This helps us to know you a little better and advise you on some important points regarding the breed, when needed.

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