Finnish Spitz Puppies – Saki & Gordie January 2018

Our 2018 litter was born on January 16th. From this breeding we got 2 healthy puppy girls, Inugami Koyomi aka Tuukka (born at 9:25AM) and Inugami Kaori (born at 10:20AM). I spend the all night with Saki in the nursery, waiting and reassuring her. For a first-time mom she does a great job and I’m really proud of her.
She took great care of them from the start and now the girls are almost 9 weeks old and one of them is now living in her new family in Ontario. Tuukka has always been the more quiet and gentle of the 2 girls. A really pretty face and an amazing coat. I can’t wait to see her as an adult!
Kaori, our little brat will stay with us and she will enter her first dog show in a few weeks.
I’m really proud of this litter, we truly got some gorgeous pups from Saki and Gordie’s matting and they also have really nice personalities. We raised them following the Puppy Culture protocol and the result is proving that we were right to trust Puppy Culture.