Neutering a male eliminates the possibility of testicular tumors and efficiently reduces the chance of prostate problems.

Neutering decreases the chance of perianal tumors and hernias, that are in older, unneutered males. Neutered males are less likely to escape a yard and find a female in heat. This reduces the chance of them being hit by cars, getting into fights or lost.

Females spayed before their first estrous cycle reduces her chance of mammary tumors, ovarian cancer and uterine infection A spayed female eliminates the neighborhood stray males from coming over or through your fence to breed with her.

Giving birth to a litter can be dangerous to your pet. What if they give birth when your not home and a puppy gets stuck and she can’t get it out. You will have dead dogs on your hands.

Spaying and neutering before sexual maturity has a temperament benefit. Males neutered early in life tend to be less aggressive. Neutered males are less likely to mark in the house.

A spayed female does not have hormonal mood swings and will make a far superior pet. A female with a litter can become very aggressive. Spaying makes your female a better companion.

There can be many serious risks involved with breeding. The mother can develop complications and require expensive medical treatment. The mother can die because of complications and leave you to do her job. Believe me after 3 days you will be wishing you never did this. Buying formula, finding proper bottles, knowing how much to feed, killing the puppies if you over or under feed. Getting them to eliminate. That is a fun one! There are so many animals out there already and the shelters are full of unwanted pets. Do you want one of the puppies you bred to be euthanised because the people who bought it changed their mind? I should hope not. Get a pet enjoy your pet and have them spayed or neutered it will lengthen their lives in the long run.