We do our best to make a distinction in the puppies’ mind of where they should eat, where they should sleep, and where they should do their business, during the time that they are with us.However, if you want a house-broken or house-trained Finnish Spitz, you will need to get an adult. House-training activities are part of the new homes responsibility.
We are glad to offer advice and suggestions to help in the process.
House-training is much more effective in the new home where the puppy gets more individualized attention. Puppies have smaller bladders than adult dogs so make sure that your puppy is let out often especially when crated. Removing access to water after 9pm may help your puppy last through the night in its crate better. If you feel that your puppy is having particular trouble with house training please consult once again the documentation provided in your puppy pack or contact us for advice.