All our puppies sold as Pet quality are sold with a Spay/Neuter agreement. The Buyer agrees to spay/neuter their puppy between 8 and months of age. The Buyer will provide proof of the spay/neuter in the form of a certificate from their Veterinarian on the Veterinarian’s letterhead and signed by the Veterinarian before the puppy turns 10 months of age to Inugami Finnish Spitz. If there is a medical reason why your vet recommends the puppy to be spay/neutered at a different age, the Buyer agrees to contact us to discuss the issue prior to performing the procedure. Some vets will recommend that the procedure be done earlier (usually before 6 months old). The main benefit sited by supporters of these early age spay/neuter procedures is a reduction in the pet population.

Also, your puppy may still compete in CKC performance events such as obedience, agility, tracking, rally, etc. even though they are spay/neutered. The only activity they are restricted from is conformation events.