At the time you take your puppy home it has successfully completed only one half of the critical 16-week period in its life. The remaining 8 weeks are extremely important for both you and the puppy in terms of training and socialization. Those first 8 weeks in your home will mould the puppy into the dog you will live with for the rest of its lifetime. The first week or so will be an adjustment period for both you and for the puppy. It is the first time that the puppy has been away from its mother and littermates for any real extended period of time. Allow the puppy to explore and become comfortable. Do not push the puppy to do anything it does not want to do. We recommend that you use the Puppy socialization chart we provided in your Puppy Pack to pursue our work in socializing your puppy. You can start house training and crate training right away has we have already introduced them to it. Limit the puppy’s exposure to other dogs and people until after it has had all of its shots. We recommend not starting classes until after your puppy has had all of its shots. You can also start basic obedience commands like Sit, Down, Stay and Come even before you start classes.