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Our Favorites

Welcome to our own selection of favorite products

Favorite Doggy Door

Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door
Size : Medium
Amazing trap that works all year long even during our harsh winter


Favorite Puppy crate

Petmate Aspen Pet Pet Porter, 30-50 LBS
Tip, visit the walmart next to you, they will most likely have the same crate without the brand and the price. I honestly don’t see a difference in building.
Those crates are prefect for puppies, they are easy to clean compare to the wire one and they make some comfy dens for your Finkies.

Favorite adult crate

New Edge Pet EcoFlex crate

When you Finkie is mature enough it can be time to invest in a more beautiful crate.

My females crates are a Medium size and doors are always open.

Those crates are really lovely

Favorite Lick Mat

Les Chiens d’abord

Rainbow and Hexagone lick mats

Those mats are great for for raw food but also kibbles!

Favorite harness

Nahak – Dog pulling harness

Well made (in Quebec) and functionnal pulling harness. My girls are all wearing a size 3xs.

Perfect fit for my finkies! Plus I love the colors!!

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