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Grooming your Finnish Spitz

Fashion tips

Here is a selection of tools we use on our Finnish Spitzes

Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes consist of brush heads covered with short, tightly-packed wire pins angled to go through the coat and avoid the skin. Use them to remove mats and prevent mats from forming by removing loose hair. Maintain a light touch when using slicker brushes, as pressing down hard could cause discomfort.

This is my everyday Brush.

Use once a week.

Chris Christensen / Mark Slicker Brush
Chris Christensen / T-Rake with Bent Pins

Undercoat Rake

Undercoat rakes have one or two rows of metal pins designed to penetrate through to the undercoat to remove loose fur, and remove and prevent mats.

This type of brush is the best during shedding season.

Use everyday during shedding season.

My favorite ! The T-brush by Chris Christensen

This brush is clearly my favorite. Perfect for everyday and during heavy shedding.

Perfect for double coat dogs like ours.

Pin size : 16 mm

Size : Medium

Chris Christensen / T-brush
Kruuse Buster Nail clipper

Scissor Nail Clipper

Kruuse Buster Nail clipper
Size : Small
This clipper is the perfect fit for Finkies nails

Dremel Cordless Dog Nail Grinder 7300-PT 4.8V

Perfect to finnish the job after cutting with the Nail Clipper or if you feel insecure using the clipper, you could just use that grinder. The cordless option is really nice and I can do my 3 adults without having to recharge it in between.

Dremel / 7300-PT 4.8V ​
Kwik Stop / Stytic powder

Topical styptic powder

Because accident can happen using a clipper or even your grinder.

Kwick Stop is a topical styptic powder to aid control and stop nails bleeding

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