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Our Puppy Kit

What's inside

Our Puppy Kit is full of useful stuff for your puppy…

Of course you will find your adoption documents, his health record and the food they are used to, but you will also find some toys we and they love, treats, a blanket with the smell of the mother and his siblings, a small collar and leash adjust to his small puppy size, and some other cool stuff…

We are proud since 2023 to offer our puppies a Calmeroos puppy. The Calmeroos puppy combines a soft plush, soothing heat pack, and comforting heartbeat to help calm and comfort your new puppy! Calmeroos recreates the experience your puppy felt when his was cuddled up to his mum or brothers and sisters! Plus, we make sure that his Calmeroos puppy will also have the smell of his mother on it. It’s a perfect way to reassure your new puppy on his first days in his new home.

We are also really happy to be part of Vito’s Crew Breeders and ambassadors. What it means for your new puppy is some extra goodies!!!

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